Please, come

We gather every Sunday at 11 AM to Luther Church Helsinki (Fredrinkinkatu 42). After service we remain to socialize at the Youth Hall downstairs of the Church and enjoy coffee, tea, and small snacks together. Even join us in prayer at 10.30 AM in the church hall before service.

Some of us come early to the Church and sit in silence, resting in solace. Some of us come with a burden of sorrow, regret, or apprehension. Some of us come radiant with gratitude to God. Some come as a family while others as single. Some of us come with a living, burning vision of the reign of God. Some are far from where they were born while some come from within Finland but have chosen to worship with people from other cultures.

Yeah, we are a rich intercultural Congregation, and our differences bring us much completeness. We come for all kinds of reasons, not all of which can be put into words – but we are here every Sunday morning at International Evangelical Lutheran Church to worship together. You are most welcome to join us!

In communion together

We celebrate and receive the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion) on a weekly basis. Here, Christ is present in a very special and promised way, offering His own body and blood, forgiveness of sins, and strength for daily living.

Growing in faith

In the Bible St. Paul recognizes that the faith that is begun in a new Christian needs to be nurtured through the Word of God. The pastor here in Luther Church preaches sermons that explain and apply the Scripture in meaningful ways in our lives. In addition, we gather to weekly Bible Studies here on Tuesdays and Wednesday at 16.00 to learn even more of what is being taught.


Do you live far or otherwise missed the service? Welcome to follow the sermons online through our Facebook page.